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My kind of eggs


Who doesn't like a poached egg?! They have been a craze for a while now and personally I love a poach egg, whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This particular recipe can be eaten at any point during the day but as we usually associate egg consumption with the mornings, I've placed it here. 

This is a take on Turkish eggs, and with the addition of chilli oil and smoked paprika it really gives this dish an additional dose of flavour and heat, which is balanced out with the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes and the combination of mixed Italian herbs and chives completes the taste. 

Serves 2 


  • 4 Organic eggs 
  • 6 tbsp Natural yoghurt 
  • Handful of cheery tomatoes 
  • 2tsp Chilli oil
  • Small bunch of chives
  • 2tsp Italian mixed herbs 
  • 2tsp Smoked paprika 
  • Seasoning to taste
  • Sourdough bread (optional)

1. I always use the Jamie Oliver technique for poaching eggs, for this you will need; a mug, cling film, a splash of oil, kitchen towel, a pan, boiling water and of course the eggs! Place a large piece of cling film in a mug with the sides hanging off the edge of the mug. Put a splash of oil on a kitchen towel and rub the centre of the cling film and surrounding edges. Break the egg into the centre of the cling film and carefully pick up the sides of the cling film making sure to enclose the egg fully. Tie the ends of the cling film so that it looks like the egg is in a little poach. Boil some water and add it to a pan, once the water is very hot but not boiling add the egg to the pan. I usually only leave the egg in the pan for a maximum of 2 minutes to ensure a runny egg. Once cooked, remove the egg poach and allow to cool a little before plating. 

2. While the eggs are being poached, in a dish add the yoghurt and make a well in the middle for the eggs. 

3. Using a teaspoon, pour the chilli oil on to the yoghurt, sprinkle the mixed Italian herbs and smoked paprika. Finely chop the cherry tomatoes and chives and place in the yoghurt. 

4. Once the poached egg is cooked and slightly cooled, place it in the middle of the yoghurt (where you previously made a well) and season. A serving suggestion would be to toast some sourdough and have that on the side.