Tabbi Eats
Tabbi Eats


Here you will learn about me, Tabbi Eats and what we are trying to achieve!  


About Tabbi Eats 

My aim at Tabbi Eats is to provide healthy nutritionally balanced recipes that are still delicious and do not taste like cardboard! Everything I do is scientifically based.

For my clients who suffer from a medical condition, I research their conditions fully and identify what food implications there might be. Then working with their healthcare providers, a plan is put in place and progress is monitored. For more information, please do go on to my service page.

In my recipe section, you will find all of my recipes (unless I’m trying someone else’s) that have been tried and tested many times by moi.


About Me 

A Persian, who grew up in London. I’ve been a scientist, an advertiser and now a healthy food professional.

My loves are simple, science, food and travel. I’m a self-taught chef, my training occurred between my Grandma and my mum and many years later at Leith. There I studied Nutrition in Practice and my marriage of science and food was complete.

I’m still living in London with my well-trained labradoodle Rollo (he has modelled for the website) and my less well-trained British husband.

History of Tabbi Eats

Tabbi Eats originated from a desire of wanting to change my life and the direction it was heading in. In December 2016, I had firm convictions of changing my career and the only thing I was sure about was that I loved cooking and I was always looking up health tips and the nutritional goodness of food. One google search later, I had discovered the Leith Nutrition in Practice course, the angels were singing and holy light descended on my laptop. Initially, I was very scared to make the jump (albeit it was just committing to a 3-month course) because it constituted the beginning of something new and completely removed from what I knew. A few days later I booked myself on to the course.

To cut a long story short, the more I learnt on the course, the more I was sure I had done the right thing and food was definitely in my future.

Having previously been a scientist it struck me to marry both my passions, science and food and that is how Tabbi Eats began.