Tabbi Eats
Tabbi Eats


Tabbi Eats is a healthy eating  consultancy, specialising in bespoke meal plans with a focus on getting results, whether it is to improve health, promote weight loss or improve an ongoing condition.  Everything is researched with the latest scientific information and in conjunction with healthcare providers. We provide a variety of different services and options, for some clients only one is required while others prefer more but everything is done in a seamless manner. 



The Consultation and Report

We meet all our clients and a fruitful discussion is had on what they would like to  achieve, everything is noted down and constructed into a report. If the client is suffering from any medical conditions then this is researched with the latest scientific papers and all food implications are noted. It is crucial to know which foods will affect a condition and the medication taken for it. Once  the report is complete we run through all our findings with our client. 


The Meal Plan

Each meal plan is bespoke because no two people are the same and nor are their dietary needs.  The meal plan is based on the report we have created,  the likes and dislikes of our client and seasonal ingredients.

The meal plan is made up of a five - seven day menu, with all the nutritional information and instructions on how to create each meal included. 

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The Cooking 

Some of our clients would like us to do the cooking for them and why not! We create all their meals according to the meal plan specifically designed for them and it is delivered to their door or cooked in their home.  Nearly everything that we use is organic, we try and source our produce locally and recycle as much as possible.